Marketing Solutions for Today's Exceptional REALTOR®


Ready to overhaul your marketing campaigns? See how Trenlii's® solutions can offer you services to help generate, maintain and close leads in all market situations.

Beautiful Presentation

Stand out from your competitors with the most attractive landing pages, proposals, PDF reports, and even infographic emails!

MLS® Integration

Flawless, fast and effective! Our integrated CMA and Market Reports can easily be rendered using your MLS® search.

Empower Yourself

Statistics your clients can’t get anywhere else! Seamlessly create CMA and Market Reports utilizing 15+ years of MLS® data.

Market Analytics For REALTORS®

The Knowledge you Need at your Fingertips FREE

Are you a REALTOR® who is looking for a solution to prepare granular market insights for your clients? If the answer is "YES", you're in the right place!

Granular Market Insights Specifically For Each Property
Stunning Infographics With Your Brand Colors
Impress Clients With Your Wealth Of Information
Proven Sales Strategy Used By Top Producing REALTORS®

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  • Visualize The MLS® Data

  • Exclusive Support

Automated Contact Nurturing

Set it and forget it FREE

Looking for the ULTIMATE solution to nurture your leads, prospects and past clients automatically? We can take care of the following tasks for you so that you can focus on growing your real estate business :

New/Sold Listing Notifications For Buyers
Share Relevant Sales WIth Past Clients
CMA Generation For Your Clients
Landing Page Generation For Your Listings
The Ultimate CMA Builder

The CMA that lives up to it's reputation PREMIUM

** New Technology ** Are you looking for a new way to do your listing presentations? Top CMA was the first interactive CMA tool provided to the industry! Many REALTORS® are switching to interactive reports to present their CMA, because they offer more information and keep the presentation simple and easy to understand!

New modern look & feel so that you stand out
Top CMA is faster and easier than other CMA builders
10+ Presentation Modules and Résumé Section
Completely White Labeled - Build your own Template
#1 Email Marketing Tool

The 100% AUTOMATED newsletter PREMIUM

Are you spending hours every week, trying to get the next newsletter out to your contacts? Perhaps, you're trying to learn the secrets to achieve ultra-high engagement rates via your email list?

"WHAT!? How can a newsletter be automated?"

** New Technology ** DRRIP.IO works by connecting with your local MLS® data-set to pull new, relevant market insights every week, month, quarter etc. Trenlii® is one of the few vendors to use 15+ years of MLS® data to help you discover trends in the market! DRRIP.IO will generate new content every time and each of your contacts will receive specific information that is relevant to them!


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